Axel Beelen

Your legal data consultant, specialized in data protection (GDPR), copyright and Blockchain solutions.

Axel Beelen

Graduated in Law and specialized in Personal Data Protection (RGPD/GDPR), in copyright and in Blockchain solutions. I also manage the electronic platform called

Graduated in Law from ULB, I recently succeeded in having my GDPR Solvay Certification (DPO). After my Law studies, I obtained two certifications, one in tax law and one in intellectual property. I am following the Certified Blockchain Programme at the Frankfurt School of Business and Management.

I currently work as a Law Consultant. Should you have any question/issue related to these topics, don’t hesitate to contact me at

I previously worked at AXA Belgium (insurance) in their marketing department after having been the legal advisor in one Belgian collective management organisation.

Specialist of Information and Knowledge Management, I know it’s a real challenge to follow current legal news. Don’t hesitate to read how I can help you on this important topic. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch: